Question 15

Unicode, which appropriate ones as for?

 1.ANSI (the American National Standard association) with it decided, character code system of 7 bits
   So it is.
 2.JIS (the Japanese [e] industry standard) with to be the character code system which is decided, the alphanumeric
   The cord/code of 8 bits which handle katakana and 16 bits which handle full size letter
   There is a cord/code.
 3. Also the extended UNIX cord/code to be called, full size letter and half angle katakana letter
   It expresses at 2 bytes or 3 bytes.
 4. In order to handle multi-national letter, the sentence where shape such as Japanese and Chinese is similar
   Allotting the letter to the identical cord/code, it expresses with the character code of 2 bytes.

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  1. exam said

    Answer —->4

    1. ASCII cord/code,
    2. JIS X 0201 and JIS X 0208, as for 3. JIS X 0212
      It is thought that is.

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