Question 16

Which those which display question 1.16 Shin decimal 3A.5C with decimal fraction as for?

1) 939/16
2) 3735/64
3) 14939/256
4) 14941/256

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  1. exam said

    Answer —> 2
      Because as for excessive hexadecimal number and decimal of binary there is no opportunity which is handled, you think that it is difficult, but
      If the basis is held down, it is simple.
      For example you call 12.34 in case of decimal, this is 1234/(the 10^2). Decimal point
      Whenever 1 it makes the right shift, it is it should have kept dividing with 10.
      When you think same as this, a hexadecimal quantity, 3A.5C becomes 0x3A5C/(0x10^2) with,
      It increases. It is the sign of the meaning 0x being hexadecimal number.
      When 3A5C is corrected simply in decimal, 3 x (16^3) the + 10 x (16^2) + 5 x 16 + 12
      = 14940 is. Because (0x10 ^ 2) = 16 ^ 2 = 16 x 16 = 256 is, 3A.5C
      It becomes with 14940/256. But because as for this there are no choices, denominator and the molecule
      It tries dividing with 4. When it does, it becomes with 3735/64, 2. is ascertained correct answer.

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