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Question 12

F(n) defines the function to recursively calculate the factorial of n. Which of the following is the correct expression to be placed in the blank h16bsp-06b.gif

If n>0, F(n) = h16bsp-06b.gif
If n=0, F(n)=1

a) F(n) x F(n-1)
b) n x F(n-1)
c) (n-1) x F(n)
d) (n-1) x F(n-2)



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Question 11

Data items whose keys are natural numbers are managed using a hash table. Hash function h(x) is defined by the following expression:
h(x) = x mode n

Here, “n” indicates the size of the table, and “x mode n” indicates the remainder of the division of x by n. Assume that there is a data item whose key is “a” and a data item whose key is “b”. Which of the constitutes a condition to cause a collision?

a) “a+b” is a multiple of “n”.
b) “a-b” is a multiple of “n”.
c) “n” is a multiple of “a+b”.
d) “n” is a multiple of “a+b”.


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