Question 20

To display a 256 color data on a 1024-by-768-dot resolution CRT display unit, how many kilobytes of video memory are required? Assume that 1 kilobyte indicates 1,024 bytes.

a) 96
b) 768
c) 2,304
d) 24,576



  1. exam said

    > It makes indicate with the color of 256 colors in
    > 8 being bits necessary, because resolution is the 1,024×768
    > The 1,024×768×8=6,291,456 bit is needed
    > As for the unit which replies being the k byte
    > Bit 1 bytes =8
    Because > 1k bytes =1,024 the bit bytes =8,192 it is
    > It reaches the 6,291,456÷8,192=768k byte, c

  2. vitec said

    (Answer example)

    As for resolution of CRT D spray 1,024×768=786,432 dot (gathering approximately of 780,000 point)
    256 colors it reaches 8 bits than the 2^8, (it is plugged and 256 colors to put out to 1 dots 8 bits (1 bytes) it becomes necessary.)

    Bit 786,432 dot ×8 bits =6,291,456

    The byte 6,291,456 bit ÷8 bits =786,432

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