Question 12

To sort a sequence of integers 1 through 8 in descending order using the heap sort method, the whole sequence is turted into a heap as follows:


Here, the first and last element are exchanged as follows:


Then, a procedure is executed to turn the underlined part into a heap. Which of the following represents the sequence just after the execution of the sort? Here, the heap is implemented as a complete binary tree in which the first (leftmost) element of the sequence is the root and the children of the ith element of the sequence are the 2ith and (2i + 1)th elements.

a) 2,4,3,5,8,7,6,1
b) 4,2,5,8,3,6,7,1
c) 7,4,5,8,3,6,2,1
d) 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1


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