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Question 48

Which of the following RAID systems has only the objective of increasing performance, not reliability?

a) RAID0
b) RAID1
c) RAID3
d) RAID5


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Question 47

Which of the following is an appropriate statement concerning the countermeasures against system failures?

a) If the cause of a program or data error is found immediately after a system failure, it is desirable that the operator correct the error without anyone’s help to ensure early failure recovery.

b) To recover efficiently from system failures, an operation log is always recorded and the operation periods without any error should be explicitly identified.

c) When a system failure occurs, it is desirable that recovery actions taken prior to the report to the information systems division.

d) When transaction processing is interrupted by a system failure, it is retried to restore the system promptly.

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Question 46

Which of the following activity states of a software development organization has the highest level in the Capability Maturity Model Integration /

a) A mechanism for improving the processes themselves is defined.

b) Actual performance records are measured quantitatively, and processes are managed systematically.

c) Processes are clarified in the documents, and every-one in the organization uses the documented processes.

d) The schedule and budget fall within the statistically acceptable limits.


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Question 45

Which of the following is required to conduct an integration test in top-down fashion?

a) Debugger
b) Driver
c) Dynamic tester
d) Stub


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Question 44

Select the term that refers to breaking down a project from the overall framework into specific tasks on a detailed level as shown in the figure below.


a) DFD
b) DOA
d) WBS


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Question 43

What is the following test design method-called?

We wish to test whether an error message is output, when the loaded data is incorrect. Based on the program specifications, an incorrect data class is identified, and a single arbitrary data is selected and used as the test case.

a) Boundary value analysis
b) Branch coverage
c) Cause-effect graph
d) Equivalence partitioning


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Question 42

Module coupling must be weakened in order to increase module independence. Which of the following has the weakest module coupling?

a) Data defined in the common area is referenced by related modules.
b) Only data items date are transferred as arguments between modules.
c) Only necessary data is declared externally and shared.
d) The execution sequence of modules is controlled by using control parameters as arguments.


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