1. HungTD said

    Em thay de thi buoi sang tuy luong kien thuc nhieu nhung de hon buoi chieu.
    Cac a co the huong dan giai cac de thi buoi chieu len dc ko a.?
    Cam on nhieu.

  2. Phuong said

    Minh vào downlown tài liệu luyện thi IELTS mà không được, mình vào examvitec thấy có gì đâu. Help mình với bà con ơi

  3. Goutam said


    I am Mr. Goutam Mondal from India Delhi-NCR State… I have a plan. Plan is I want make a Motorcar….. which is two way can go . One is on road other is on air . on Road about 10000 ft on same way which transport road….. I can explain more and more if any engineers can contact with me. Anyone can reach at my contact +91 98 18 622 800.

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