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Question 19

in inside LAN the enterprise which is connected to Internet, from outside Which those which are used for protecting for illegitimate invasion as for?

2. Firewall
3. Access list
4. Antivirus software

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Question 18

This is the following calculation done with no Shin method?
1) 6 Shin method
2) 7 Shin method
3) 8 Shin method
4) 9 Shin method

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Question 17

As the description regarding “the preventive” function of question 3. security measure, suitable distressing which is thing?

 1. Whether or not it checks the access log, there is no illegitimate accessYou watch.
 2. [konteinjienshipuran] is decided, training is executed.
 3. Backup processing of the important file is done periodically.
 4. To execute the education inside the company regarding security, raising the consciousness of the individual

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Question 16

Which those which display question 1.16 Shin decimal 3A.5C with decimal fraction as for?

1) 939/16
2) 3735/64
3) 14939/256
4) 14941/256

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Question 15

Unicode, which appropriate ones as for?

 1.ANSI (the American National Standard association) with it decided, character code system of 7 bits
   So it is.
 2.JIS (the Japanese [e] industry standard) with to be the character code system which is decided, the alphanumeric
   The cord/code of 8 bits which handle katakana and 16 bits which handle full size letter
   There is a cord/code.
 3. Also the extended UNIX cord/code to be called, full size letter and half angle katakana letter
   It expresses at 2 bytes or 3 bytes.
 4. In order to handle multi-national letter, the sentence where shape such as Japanese and Chinese is similar
   Allotting the letter to the identical cord/code, it expresses with the character code of 2 bytes.

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Question 14

It reaches some two times the types of letter which can be expressed at 58 bits, please select the type of letter which can be expressed at 64 bits from midst of the following.


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Question 13

In order to express the capital letter A~Z of the English letter please select minimum necessary bit number from midst of the following.


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